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MR-A(M) Ambient Air Quality Monitor (Micro Air Station)

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MR-A(M) Ambient Air Quality Monitor (Micro Air Station)

MR-A(M) ambient air quality monitor (micro air station) is an instrument for monitoring gas parameters in the air. It can measure more than 30 kinds of gases, particulate matter and other pollutants and toxic and harmful gases in the air.

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    MR-A(M) ambient air quality monitor (micro monitoring station) is an ambient air quality monitor that complies with the Class C method of the "Air and Exhaust Gas Monitoring and Analysis Methods" promulgated by the State Environmental Protection Administration. It can monitor at least four air quality monitors at the same time. The concentration of measured gases and particulate matter required by the Environmental Protection Agency. Monitored environmental gases include: SO2, VOC, H2S, NH3, and can be expanded to monitor more than thirty types of NO2, CO, O3, NOX, CH4, HCl, HF, Cl2, CO2, etc. Gas; dust particle concentration includes: PM2.5, PM10.  TSP; meteorological parameters: temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, illumination, ultraviolet radiation, solar radiation, noise, negative oxygen ions, etc. Meet the "Ambient Air Quality Standards" (GB 3095-2012), "Odor Pollutant Emission Standards" (GB 14554-93), "Petroleum Refining Industry Pollutant Emission Standards" (GB 31570-2015), "Petrochemical Industry Pollution "Plastic Emission Standard" (GB 31571-2015) and other related specifications, using an original core algorithm to achieve high-precision detection with a resolution of 1 ppb, which can reach the national control station monitoring indicators, and has independent intellectual property rights (Patent No.: ZL2011 1 0364029.4). National metrology certification product, CMC number: Beijing 01150025 No. 01; has a comparison report issued by the China Academy of Environmental Sciences.


    Application areas

    • Ambient air quality evaluation and monitoring
    • Supplementary monitoring of state-controlled sites
    • Urban ambient air quality monitoring
    • Monitoring of key areas
    • Traffic road monitoring
    • Industrial park factory boundary monitoring
    • Scenic area environmental monitoring

    main feature

    • Using ppb level gas sensor, the instrument has high detection accuracy and stable performance;
    • Can be connected to various software platforms according to user needs;
    • IP43 outdoor application design, waterproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion, and salt spray resistant;
    • Constant temperature and dehumidification design ensures reliable operation of the instrument in extreme environments;
    • Military-grade design, with temperature, humidity and zero-point compensation;
    • Built-in imported constant flow sampling pump, more stable monitoring, faster response, service life ≥ 2 years;
    • The gas path is made of anti-adsorption polytetrafluoroethylene to ensure measurement accuracy and extend service life;
    • Can be installed in floor-standing installation, hoop installation, wall-mounted installation and other installation methods;
    • Small size, integrated monitoring, and the best choice for grid layout;
    • The product adopts a modular design, and key modules can be easily disassembled and sent back to the manufacturer for calibration and calibration, making it easy to maintain;
    • Embedded LCD touch screen design, graphics, curves, charts and other display methods;
    • With temperature compensation, it can realize automatic correction of cross interference, automatic correction of zero point and range drift, etc.;
    • Automatically calculate hourly average, daily average, weekly average, monthly average, historical data query and other functions for easy use. It is superior to the traditional and complicated detection methods that require gas collection on site and then laboratory analysis.
    • Automatic conversion of monitoring data units, mg/m3, ppb, ppm;
    • Data storage is safe and reliable, with black box function and will never be lost.

    Monitoring Parameters

    1. Gas monitoring part

    Detection parameters

    Measuring range



    Measurement principle

    sulfur dioxide





    Constant potential electrolysis (electrochemistry)

    hydrogen sulfide





    Constant potential electrolysis (electrochemistry)






    Constant potential electrolysis (electrochemistry)

    organic volatiles





    Photoionization (PID)

    2.Meteorological monitoring part

    Meteorological elements

    Measuring range



    Measurement principle

    atmospheric temperature



    ±0.3℃, zero point drift rate is less than 0.04℃/year

    Diode junction voltage method

    Relative humidity



    ±3% RH typical


    wind direction

    0-359.9º(No blind spots)

    0.1 º



    wind speed





    air pressure

    1~110 kPa

    0.01 kPa



    Remarks: The parameters can be expanded: more than thirty kinds of gases such as H2S, CH4, HF, CL2, NH3, CO2, HCL, VOC, etc., which can be customized according to user requirements.
     At the same time, five meteorological parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure can be added according to customer needs, and a multi-functional environmental air quality monitoring equipment that can be expanded to monitor parameters such as rainfall, snow volume, CO2, illumination, noise, and negative oxygen ions.

    Technical indicators

    Sensor life

    Electrochemical sensor 2 years,

    Infrared and PID sensors 2 years





    Zero drift


    Response time


    Operating temperature


    storage temperature


    Working humidity

    15%~95%RH(No condensation)

    work pressure


    Way of working

    continuously working

    Sampling flow

    1L/min (gas),

    Sampling method

    High strength constant flow sampling pump


    Embedded 7-inch LCD touch screen

    Data interface

    USB、RS485、RS232、GSM/GPRS/3G/4G、RTU modbus

    Protection level


    Working power supply

    110VAC~240VAC 50Hz(Built-in lithium battery can work continuously for 8 hours after power outage)

    Maximum power consumption

    10W@220V AC

    Installation method

    Hoop installation, wall-mounted installation, floor-standing installation

    Total Weight





    PC software

    The host computer software is in the IMS system, and the cloud server is used to connect to the on-site ambient air quality monitors to achieve functions such as connection management, data collection, storage and transmission of a large number of remote devices.
     The IMS function has the following characteristics:
     (1) Supports network cable, GPRS and 4G connections, no complicated configuration is required, and the application is simple and convenient;
     (2) Support mobile APP remote data monitoring;
     (3) Support data alarm, the mobile APP can push alarm information, and can also configure SMS push and WeChat push;
     (4) Support historical data recording, collect and record data of registered monitoring points, and support data display of list curves and commonly used statistical analysis;
     (5) Supports breakpoint resumption, remote shutdown function, remote control shutdown, and facilitates remote device management.
     (6) Supports permission classification, and can allocate account information with different permissions according to the actual situation to facilitate customer use. 

    Mobile APP functions

    (1) Data monitoring can be viewed and monitoring points can be added unlimitedly;
    (2) When data alarm occurs, the alarm can be prompted and text messages can be sent;
    (3) Remote device information can be managed.