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MR-ACT Gas Telemetry Imaging Early Warning System

Atmospheric Monitoring

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MR-ACT Gas Telemetry Imaging Early Warning System

MR-ACT gas remote sensing imaging early warning system can measure more than 400 kinds of gases with a monitoring diameter of more than 10 kilometers. It is a scanning gas infrared remote sensing telemetry imaging system based on passive Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy technology to achieve target gas cloud Long-distance automatic detection and chemical imaging of the group, with early warning function. The system can be used in chemical park gas leakage monitoring, hazardous chemical emergency monitoring, major event security, fire protection, forest and grassland fires and other fields.

    Fits For Models

    • Passive, non-contact long-distance measurement, with a measurement diameter of up to 10 kilometers (actual measurement);
    • Automatic and real-time analysis and identification of various gases, up to hundreds of gas types;
    •  Using mercury cadmium telluride detector, the noise equivalent temperature difference is ≤25mK;
    •  High spectral collection rate and high spectral resolution;
    •  It has multiple working modes such as fixed-point detection, 360° all-round detection and customized area detection;
    • The gimbal adopts servo motor design, with high turning angle accuracy and strong controllability;
    • The equipment adopts an electronic slip ring design and can scan with 360° infinite rotation ;
    •  Strong vibration resistance, the vehicle can be monitored while driving, meeting the vehicle use conditions;
    •  Can work at -40℃ to 65℃, with stable operation and high reliability;
    •  Protection grade IP66, no rainproof shed is required, and it can still work reliably during heavy rain;
    •  Small size, light weight, easy to carry, quick to deploy, and highly maneuverable;
    •  The detection window is made of ZnSe material and can transmit infrared light.

    Technical indicators

    Measurable gas

    Petrochemical industry: methanol, ethanol, acetic acid, aniline, styrene, etc.;

    Fire protection industry: AC, acetone, CS2, nitric acid, hydrazine, benzene, etc. ;

    Other chemicals: hydrazine, ASH3, H2S, NF3, HCL, SO2, etc.;

    Other poisonous gases: special poisonous gases.

    More than 400 kinds of gases can be measured.

    Detector type

    Cooled mercury cadmium telluride detector

    Spectral range


    Spectral resolution

    Better than 1cm-1

    Spectral acquisition rate

    20 spectra/second (Δσ≤ 1 cm-1, double-sided interference pattern)

    Camera resolution

    640 x 512 pixels (night vision infrared)

    Voltage/power consumption

    (110~230) VAC  / < 120 W

    Installation method

    Fixed, portable, vehicle-mounted


    380×270×500mm (length×width×height)



    scenario application

    Venue alertgbu
    Petroleum telemetryj4d