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MR-AX Odor Gas Detector Can Identify The Type Of Odor Gas


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MR-AX Odor Gas Detector Can Identify The Type Of Odor Gas

MR-AX is a detector that uses electrochemistry, photoionization (PID), semiconductor sensor array, and pattern recognition technology.

Optional functions include simultaneous uploading of monitoring data, viewing real-time data on mobile APP, alarm data, and sending text messages. It also adopts a 4-wire high-precision resistive touch screen, allowing operators to conveniently view and maintain data on site. MR-AX can be used online, Portable dual-mode use, built-in lithium battery, can be used continuously for 8 to 16 hours in case of power outage.

    main feature

    • Using three different principle sensors to form an array sensor group, the response time is faster and the anti-interference performance is stronger;
    • Self-created core algorithm, temperature and zero point compensation;
    • Built-in high-precision constant-current sampling pump, large monitoring range and short response time;
    • PELICAN protective box design, protection grade IP65, rainproof, dustproof, and salt spray proof;
    • Use pattern recognition technology to quickly and accurately determine the odor index;
    • Small size, easy to carry, can be carried by hand, and can be equipped with a single shoulder strap;

    Application areas

    • Sewage treatment plant inspection
    • Landfill plant inspection
    • Chemical plant emissions testing
    • Odor gas detection in rivers
    • Industrial park emission testing
    • Emission testing of food processing plants
    • Detection of places with various unknown odors

    Monitoring parameters

    Detection principle

    Electrochemistry, Photoionization (PID), Semiconductors

    Sampling method

    pump suction

    Measuring range

    Odor level: 0~70

     Ammonia NH3: (0~100)ppm;

     Hydrogen sulfide H₂S: (0~100)ppm;

     Methyl mercaptan CH4S: (0~20)ppm;

     Volatile organic compounds V0CS: (0~50)ppm, (0~6000)ppm optional;


    Odor level: 5



     CH4S: 0.1ppm;

     VOCS: 5ppb, 100ppb optional;



    Working power supply

    110VAC~240V AC, built-in lithium battery can work continuously for 8 hours (can be expanded)

    Power consumption


    output signal

    USB, RS232, GPRS, RS485, network port, DIDO, etc.

    Response time


    Display method

    800X480 LCD 7-inch touch screen

    ambient temperature


    environment humidity

    0~95%RH (no condensation)

    Environmental pressure



    420X200X350mm   length X width X height