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MR-DO2 Multi-Component Gas-Liquid Mixing Dynamic Gas Distribution Instrument


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MR-DO2 Multi-Component Gas-Liquid Mixing Dynamic Gas Distribution Instrument

MR-D02 multi-component gas-liquid mixing dynamic gas distribution meter is a dosing device used by scientific research institutes and other units when using poison gasification. When the standard gas cannot meet the use, the liquid reagent can be gasified and diluted to reach a liquid level. Gas distribution function. It can be used to test a variety of technical indicators such as linearity, accuracy, and repeatability of gas analyzers. It is an indispensable testing tool for calibration, maintenance and repair of gas analysis instruments and a dilution device for fixed concentration gases.

A high-precision syringe pump and constant temperature heating device are used, combined with a high-precision mass flow controller to vaporize and dilute the liquid to achieve the function of liquid gas distribution. MR-D02 is a device that integrates liquid vaporization, dynamic gas distribution, and gas and liquid mixing and distribution.

    main feature

    • Support simultaneous and mixed gas distribution of gas and liquid;
    • Flow control adopts closed-loop fuzzy control technology, with fast response and accurate flow control;
    • Zero air pressure and cylinder air pressure can be monitored in real time to ensure that the air supply pressure meets the instrument requirements;
    • Large LCD screen, Chinese display, simple and convenient operation;
    • The liquid heating device used can reach up to 350℃, the temperature is stable, and the liquid can be quickly vaporized;
    • Multi-channel calibration gas input interface eliminates the tedious work of replacing multiple cylinder gases.

    Application areas

    • Metrology institutes at all levels
    • Certification agency
    • Laboratory
    • Scientific research and development
    • Manufacturer of detectors

    Technical Parameters

    Flow accuracy


    Liquid state:≤1.5%

    Flow linearity 


    Flow repeatability 


    Dilution gas flow range 

    0~20SLM;0~10SCCM;0~50SCCM;0~500SCCM  (Can be selected according to needs)

    dilution ratio 


    Maximum ratio 

    5000:1(Can be customized according to customer needs)

    input pressure


    Display method

    800X480 liquid crystal 7 inch touch screen

    ambient temperature


    environment humidity

    <85%RH(No condensation)

    Equipment pressure resistance 


    Working pressure difference range 


    Working power supply