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MR-DF2 High-Precision Dynamic Gas Distribution Instrument


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MR-DF2 High-Precision Dynamic Gas Distribution Instrument

MR series high-precision dynamic gas distribution instrument is a device that realizes dynamic gas distribution. The gas distribution part uses imported high-precision mass flow controllers to control the flow rates of multiple gas outputs in different proportions, thereby dynamically realizing the configuration of various gas concentrations. This instrument can be used to test a variety of technical indicators such as the linearity, accuracy, and repeatability of gas analyzers. It is an indispensable production and testing device for the production, calibration, and maintenance of gas analysis instruments, as well as a fixed concentration gas generating device.

    main feature

    • Complies with the relevant standards involving gas distribution instruments in HJ57-2017, HJ76-2017, HJ604-2017, HJ38-2017, supports gas mixing and distribution of multiple components, and can distribute ppb level, ppm level, percentage level, etc. concentration standard gas;
    • It can be customized according to customer needs for dual-channel, three-channel, multi-channel and other composite gas distribution;
    • It adopts high-quality components such as high-precision stainless steel mass flow controller, stainless steel quick-plug OD6/4mm gas interface, and high-precision rotor flowmeter to ensure high system gas distribution accuracy and reliable quality;
    • Large-size LCD screen, the system runs more stably and the operation is easier;
    • Adopts 19-inch 4U chassis, which is easy to integrate into the cabinet;
    • Flow control adopts closed-loop fuzzy control technology, with fast response and accurate flow control;
    • Zero air pressure and cylinder air pressure can be monitored in real time to ensure that the air supply pressure meets the instrument requirements;
    • The gas path cleaning function in the system can ensure the accuracy of each gas distribution and the long life of the equipment;
    • Dual output, automatically balances the inlet pressure of the detection equipment;
    • The gas distribution instrument is equipped with temperature compensation, so customers do not need to consider the influence of temperature on equipment operating data at different temperatures;
    • No preheating time is required, gas distribution can be started immediately after turning on the machine;
    • Independent intellectual property rights, including invention patents and software copyrights.

    Technical indicators

    Mass flow controller range

    A variety of specifications can be selected according to user needs(0-5000ml/min、5000-10000ml/min等)

    Flow accuracy


    Flow Distribution Uncertainty


    Flow repeatability


    Dilution factor

    When the flow rate is 2000-3000ml/min, the dilution factor is ≤50; when the flow rate is 5000-10000ml/min, the dilution factor is ≤100


    100:1/200:1(Can be customized as required)

    Maximum ratio

    1000:1/4000:1(Can be customized according to needs)

    input pressure

    100Kpa~500Kpa(Can be customized according to user needs)

    Usage environment


    Equipment pressure resistance


    Working pressure difference range


    Working power supply





    15Kg(Adjustable according to appearance)