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Palestine And Israel Are Starting A Biological And Chemical War. Delta Force Appears And Injects Nerve Gas Into Underground Tunnels In Gaza!

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Palestine and Israel are starting a biological and chemical war. Delta Force appears and injects nerve gas into underground tunnels in Gaza!

2024-04-28 09:04:19

According to the Middle East Eye scoop, Israel will inject nerve gas into Hamas tunnels under the supervision of the US Navy.


Israel's behavior of injecting nerve gas into the tunnels is also easy to understand, that is, the ground offensive was frustrated, because there are more than 500 kilometers of tunnels under the Gaza Strip. They brought significant resistance to the Israeli army's ground operations, so that Israel The use of nerve gas, which is a clear violation of international conventions and the Geneva Convention, has to be considered.


But there are two absurdities about this story that I found in the original text, and it says this:


Translated: U.S. Delta Force will oversee "the injection of large quantities of nerve gas into Hamas tunnels capable of paralyzing physical activity for six to twelve hours." 
What does "paralyzing physical activity for 6-12 hours" mean?
Is it like falling asleep and losing consciousness?
Nerve gas is not a sleeping pill. People who inhale the gas will immediately have their pupils constricted, salivation disorders, convulsions, incontinence of urine and feces, and will lose control of the respiratory muscles of the lungs.

In this case, people who inhale the nerve gas will die in a funny-looking but extremely painful way - choking to death on their own saliva, or dying of slow but irreversible respiratory failure. It's like someone is slowly grabbing your throat and suffocating you slowly for dozens of minutes.


Moreover, the mechanism of action of nerve gas is to "block the process of biological nerves transmitting information to organs." This means that it cannot prevent the body's receptors from transmitting the pain of their own failure back to the brain.
Translation is that people who inhale nerve gas will die in an extremely painful way in an extremely conscious state for a long period of time.
And this is the reason why nerve gas was classified as a chemical weapon of mass destruction 32 years ago.
Don’t tell me here, don’t those tunnels in Gaza have safety measures? What air filtration facilities, two sets of external and internal circulation equipment, and protective doors and so on.
None at all!
Please understand the fact that the Gaza Strip has suffered from 56 years of suffocating Israeli occupation and 16 years of blockade.
During this period, Israel restricted water, electricity, oil, and medicine, and strictly blocked construction materials such as cement, metal, and water pipes.
So, please tell me, what do Gazans use to protect themselves from nerve gas? What is used to filter nerve gas?
But do you still know?
In order to better resist the Israeli attack, some of the exits of these tunnels are built in the wild, but a considerable number of them are connected to hospitals, schools, factories and other places.
So, once these nerve gases are officially approved for use and start spreading throughout the tunnel network, what will be the consequences?please tell me.
In addition, there is a second ridiculous point in this news, and that is: US military supervision.
What is U.S. military supervision? Is the dosage monitored?
Or, if the plan succeeds and public opinion is successfully guided, then the US military will be exaggerated as "the guardian of peace and the stabilizer of the regional situation who has saved hundreds of hostages"?
If the plan fails and causes a large number of innocent Gazan casualties, then they will also have the opportunity to exaggerate this matter as "the US military has done its best and we are working hard to maintain regional peace, but we cannot deprive the Israelis of their right to maintain their own security." "noble gesture".


Among all the facts that have been disclosed, was there ever a time when American soldiers actually acted to safeguard real freedom and real justice?
Therefore, it is uncertain that the real purpose of the United States sending Delta Force this time is not only to supervise Israel and prevent it from going so crazy, causing a difficult outcome for both sides, but also for battlefield management.
So what is battlefield management?
That is, to block news that is unfavorable to oneself internally and prevent it from spreading to the outside world, and to block the exploration of those who really have the courage and want to pursue the truth externally.
In the United States, those who really speak out for the weak, or even those who are just neutral, have almost no voice, because if the United States wants to deal with them, they will speak out openly, never hide it, and even try to deal with it to death.
And if such ambitious people go to dangerous places alone in an attempt to uncover some hidden truths, what will be waiting for them?please tell me.
Speaking of which, I would like to add one more fact that you must have forgotten.
That is, Israel used white phosphorus bombs against Gaza on the 10th, 16 days ago.
When white phosphorus burns in the air, it will produce phosphorus pentoxide, as well as mixed smoke and dust of chloride and nitrogen oxides. If people inhale these gases, it can cause respiratory system damage, suffocation and poisoning, and even septicemia in those with skin injuries.

Therefore, to a certain extent, white phosphorus bombs, as "strictly restricted weapons", also belong to "quasi-chemical weapons of mass destruction".
What's even worse is that if a person does not inhale these toxic gases, but is directly contaminated with white phosphorus, then this chemical substance that is naturally occurring in the air and can directly reach 500 degrees Celsius will be directly inhaled. Roast your skin mercilessly, burn through your flesh, and scald your marrow dry.
So, let me say one more thing now, do you still remember the fact that Israel used white phosphorus bombs 16 days ago?
If your answer is yes, then I will ask you again.
Did you know that as early as 2008-2009, Israel fired white phosphorus bombs into the Gaza Strip?
No, you must have forgotten it, and I would have forgotten it too, if I hadn't looked it up specifically.
 So, people are like this, public opinion is like running water, and the Internet has no memory. It’s not just you, but even me. Now we are saddened by the suffering of the people in Gaza and angry at Israel’s actions.
 However, no matter how much I explain the dangers of nerve gas and how miserable the lives of Gazans are, it really cannot compare to the suffering of the Gazans actually living there.
 One last thing to add. When I checked the information further, I found that they added:


Translated it is:
They added the qualifier "the accuracy of the news cannot be verified at the moment" in front of it. We have seen this happen too many times.
 I still say that as long as we do not take our eyes away from Gaza, the truth will not leave us.

Also, after today, don't be surprised if anyone receives news about the death toll from gas in Gaza.